Using Opioids While Pregnant: How Dangerous is It? 

Many people do not know that prescription opioids are just as dangerous and the ones you get on the street. Opioids at any point in your pregnancy are hazardous. It can cause serious health problems for you and the baby. If you are taking opioids and are thinking about getting pregnant, make sure that you get the help you need before trying to have a baby. Maternal drug use is something that should not be taken lightly. There are many other medications out there that are better for you and the baby. Opioids should be avoided during pregnancy

Why Opioids are Dangerous 

Many people will not want to stop using opioids because of their effects. They make you forget about the pain and help you feel happy and calm. Addiction is often linked with opioids. When you are addicted to drugs, you have little self-control. The most common problems linked with opioid use and pregnancy are congenital disabilities. These can cause problems with the child and could even result in death. The most common congenital disabilities are congenital heart defects. This means that the baby will have an abnormally shaped hard, and this will affect how it works.

Another problem is miscarriage and stillbirth. When a child dies in the womb before it reaches twenty weeks, it is considered a miscarriage. If it is after twenty weeks, it is considered a stillbirth. 

The biggest problem is known as NAS or neonatal abstinence syndrome. This is when the baby has been exposed to an addicting drug while in the womb. The baby will have to go through a withdrawal process from the drug after they are born. This can cause the child to have low birth weight or have serious breathing issues. 

Another common issue is known as placental abruption. This is when your placenta will separate from the wall of the womb or uterus before the baby is born. If this happens, the baby could die because they are not getting enough oxygen and/or nutrients to survive. 

Different Opiates and Pregnancy 

Hydrocodone and pregnancy are not something that you would like to hear together. When someone uses hydrocodone throughout their pregnancy, they are at risk of having a stillborn child or miscarrying. If the mother does not do either, the child could develop a dependency of hydrocodone in the womb. This would result in NAS after they are born. Some people may use these during labor. However, if hydrocodone is used during labor, it could cause the newborn to have respiratory depression. That is why this drug is not given after women are dilated about eight centimeters. 

Oxycodone during pregnancy is not safe either. Oxycodone can cause congenital disabilities in your child and could cause complications throughout the pregnancy. This could cause the baby to become stillborn or even have poor growth. People who abuse oxycodone or use it during pregnancy are at a higher risk of c-section and premature delivery. However, these effects are more common in those who are abusing heroin.