Find The Right Dosage For Painkillers

Many doctors and clients alike say that it is hard to find the proper dosage for many common painkillers. While there may be one perfect dose for one client, it could be a highly addictive dose for another client. And it is often likely the client with the dose that is too high, will be “too high” to want to change it.

Painkillers have been grossly, and we want to inform you about addiction to painkillers, and how to use the proper dose if you really can’t go without.

When you come to our programs, we go over your painkiller usage history, and you sit down with a prescribing doctor who can look at none narcotic options. Many people are surprised to find that if they start to exercise or do things they thought to be counterproductive, that their symptoms get better.

We often have clients that come to us asking why their state only allows one or two refills or doesn’t prescribe them pain medications anymore. Many are angry and claim they are not addicted but truly need it for main. We challenge this assumption and teach you pain management for long-term recovery.

If you are using about the dosage for your weight and height, you could be doing a lot of damage to your body. While you may feel extremely happy or carefree while high, what’s happening inside is not going to heal you at all.

Our trained doctors will help you get set up no pain management schedule. Chino Hills will help you get off of painkillers or lower your usage to a medical dose; we often do still allow patients to use the prescription if the pain is too high.

We are aware that it’s hard to admit if you’re taking too many pills, that’s why we make it easy. Give us a call today.