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Are You Addicted To The Monkey Mind

People who have never experienced addiction and those that have often have the same question in mind: why do some of us even end up lost in the cycle of addiction to begin with?

There are a lot of different factors that can ultimately contribute to this happening, but one of the most significant points have to do with pressure. From a young age, we are all constantly bombarded with tons of pressure. Pressure for good grades, to behave, to conform, to follow, etc.

All of us have these feelings and pressures inside of us always there. This means that we all have to face up to or deal with these pressures. A lot of it starts in childhood and only keeps on from there.

Instead of motivating us to do better the adults in our childhood made us learn how to feel shame for not living up to expectations.

Eventually, all of this kind of reprograms our minds a bit. We don’t act the way that we want to, instead, we do what we think others want us to do. We change ourselves to get approval from those who matter to us or to be liked.

This turns into this negative outlook which is what we call the Monkey Mind.

This means that we tend to blame our problems on others or other situations instead of ourselves. If we are late to work it’s not our fault, it is something else. If we are unhappy with our appearance it’s not because we don’t work on it enough, something else is to blame.

It is too easy to let all of this ruin our self-esteem or ideas of self-worth.

This means we should try and rewire how we think, and this is called the Observing Mind.

Figuring out how to step back from the Monkey Mind is key because you will be able to stop all of the self-sabotaging behaviors that can cause relationship issues or keep you from figuring out how to overcome addiction.


This is how the two mindsets compare:

 The Monkey Mind The Observing Mind
 Pushes dramatically  Exudes calmness and clarity
 Focuses responsibility on others  Focuses responsibility inward
 Panics and feeds anxiety  Remains present in the anxiety-inducing situations
 Makes drama and stirs up emotions  States simple facts
 Sees everything as an emergency  Sees everything as a situation that’s unfolding
 Wants things to change, NOW!  Accepts what is and explores possible changes
 Confuses the story with reality  Understands that the story is just a story
 Assumes it knows the truth  Assumes there is something useful to learn here
 Jumps to judgment and immediate opinions  Asks questions and considers other points of view
 Is consumed by nonstop stream of thoughts  Leaves space in its thinking
 Rushes and pushes you to react right away  Allows you to respond at your own pace
 Keeps creating the same result  Creates new possibilities


So you see how switching over how you feel can actually change the course of your life? Instead of assuming that addiction just causes itself and you can’t stop because of other reasons, realize that you can.


Understand the value of quality treatment

When you are receiving treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is usually a very stressful time. You want to make sure you have the highest quality of treatment available. The more comfortable you are in the environment, the more likely you are to foster a space where you can learn about sobriety and open up.

We urge everybody to come to visit our campus and look at the amenities we over. We feel that all of the services we offer, in addition to our treatment programs, really sets us apart from other facilities.



  • Onsite gym
  • Catered meals
  • Juice bar
  • Kombucha bar
  • Nicotine counseling, low nicotine gum available
  • Group talk rooms
  • Outdoor grills
  • Large TVs and game systems
  • Musical Instruments

These amenities can be used by all inpatient and outpatient clients. We offer these at no extra cost; they are meant to be tools in your recovery. Sometimes we also provide lessons in various activities, like guitar or drawing.

Aside from our awesome amenities, you can tell we are a quality center based on our Google reviews. Our clients have rated us 5 stars every year we have been around. If we ever see anything lower, we resolve the problem with you and make sure you are completely satisfied.

We only hire the best. Nobody at our center is unqualified. We undergo recertification for our fields each year and attend conferences on new studies.

We also offer state of the art house care. We have cleaners that clean the rooms for you while you are away; again we want you to be able to focus on what’s important. You can worry about folding sheets when you are back home. We want Chino Hills to feel like a vacation. Chino Hills just happens to be a vacation where you save your life.


What could happen with subpar treatment?

If you receive treatment that is not quality, you risk having a bad experience with sobriety. We want your experience to be amazing, to put the sober lifestyle in the right place in your mind. If your previous experience in rehab was poor, we urge you to call us so we can tell you how we are different.

You can get the wrong education, the wrong treatments, and be placed into the wrong kind of therapy if you receive care from someone that doesn’t know what they are doing.



Is There Any Specific Age Rate For Overdose?

As the years go by, overdoses from drugs and alcohol are becoming more and more common. In the last few years alone we have seen record numbers of deaths in teens due to drugs or suicide. These are scary times that we live in, and you can never be sure what someone is going through. That’s why we believe in open conversations between family members.

The average life span is being shortened because of the deadly drugs that are available these days. That is a horrific statistic. What might seem like a pleasurable high is really a few years of your life being thrown away.

In the last few years, the death rates from drug overdoses have risen at least 5%. Experts believe that if we don’t change our course of action, we could have a serious epidemic on our hands. One of the scariest parts of the possible epidemic is the fact that we are seeing kids younger and younger overdose on these drugs.

For many parents, this is causing quite an anxiety. Nobody wants his or her kids to be next. If you are a parent reading this, read some of our other articles on noticing the signs of addiction. It is vital that you get your teenager in as soon as possible if you suspect illicit drug addiction or use. There are so many stories of that one time a student took a pill and never woke up again.


There are many causes why the ages of overdose is always changing and currently lowering.

Some of these reasons include:

  • Ease of hiding substances (think Juul, Vapes, mini shots, pills)
  • Lower cost (many report prices of various drugs dropping)
  • Over-prescription from dentists, or other doctors
  • Unsafe care if of parents medicine.

There are studies from SAMHSA that report they found kids as young as 13 using drugs and alcohol, and this is very alarming to us. The brain of these children is not fully formed, and this can lead to further problems with addiction.

If you suspect that your child is overdosing, or has used drugs, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Don’t let your child become another statistic.  In the last three years there were over 300,000 kids younger than 17 that were using narcotics.

The symptoms to look out for are:

  • Sneaking around
  • Losing money
  • Irritability
  • Smelling like drugs
  • Sleepy all the time
  • Red eyes
  • Uncontrollable moods
  • Talking about drugs all the time

If you notice your teen or you is experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time for help. No matter how young or old you are, it is never too early or too late. We have had clients as young as ten years old. We have special treatments for youth and do not ask any questions until we need to; we take the child under our care and can help rehabilitate the family as well if needed.

Many people are surprised the age of addicts is getting lower, but we believe it is our society making it acceptable. We want to teach you ways out of this thinking.



Find The Right Dosage For Painkillers

Many doctors and clients alike say that it is hard to find the proper dosage for many common painkillers. While there may be one perfect dose for one client, it could be a highly addictive dose for another client. And it is often likely the client with the dose that is too high, will be “too high” to want to change it.

Painkillers have been grossly, and we want to inform you about addiction to painkillers, and how to use the proper dose if you really can’t go without.

When you come to our programs, we go over your painkiller usage history, and you sit down with a prescribing doctor who can look at none narcotic options. Many people are surprised to find that if they start to exercise or do things they thought to be counterproductive, that their symptoms get better.

We often have clients that come to us asking why their state only allows one or two refills or doesn’t prescribe them pain medications anymore. Many are angry and claim they are not addicted but truly need it for main. We challenge this assumption and teach you pain management for long-term recovery.

If you are using about the dosage for your weight and height, you could be doing a lot of damage to your body. While you may feel extremely happy or carefree while high, what’s happening inside is not going to heal you at all.

Our trained doctors will help you get set up no pain management schedule. Chino Hills will help you get off of painkillers or lower your usage to a medical dose; we often do still allow patients to use the prescription if the pain is too high.

We are aware that it’s hard to admit if you’re taking too many pills, that’s why we make it easy. Give us a call today.




Crack cocaine Addiction is more adverse than you may think

There are a lot of clients that come to our treatment centers because they need help to overcome their problems with cocaine. There is both cocaine and Crack cocaine, with Crack being talked about and used a lot these days.

Crack cocaine is in rap songs and on TV; it’s hard to stay away from it. It’s starting to show up on the club seen and at parties around teenagers. A common misconception is that Crack cocaine is the same as regular cocaine.

Crack cocaine is highly addictive and considered a deadly drug. There are many dangers to crack, it has many added chemicals and is usually impure. A lot of sellers put Crack into baking soda or other additives, which is not something you want to be ingesting.

The methods of smoothing Crack cocaine are also extremely dangerous for the user.  And it is important for people to understand the dangers of this substance and the possible consequences of using it.

There are many risks with cocaine; we feel it is important that all of our clients are aware of the dangers associated with crack cocaine use. It is not a glamorous drug at all.


These risks include:

  • Seizures
  • Increased heart rate and blood pressure
  • Sleeping problems
  • Weight problems
  • Sudden death
  • Financial problems
  • Cancer

While these risks aren’t meant to scare you, they are scary. We want you to be away from what can happen to you or your loved one if they are using crack.

At our center, we offer treatment and education on Crack cocaine. We have professionals with experience in understanding the struggles of getting off of crack; you don’t need to feel like you’re alone here.

Crack cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs we deal with here; we find it is severe that you get your loved one into our programs as soon as possible.



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