We are Chino Hills Addiction Center

We were found in 1990 and have been serving you proudly ever since.

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Why Choose Us? Find reasons to choose us as your Rehab partner


We try to keep our schedule consistent, but also exciting in new so you can keep growing and keep your mind of addiction. Every week features a guest speaker, catered lunches, group time, optional twelve-step meetings.


We only hire the best, most skilled therapists and group leaders we can find. Our facility is designed to be the most balancing space we can create for you. Each of our dorms was created with the client in mind; we want your stay to be as productive as possible.

Dedicated Staff

All of our staff has personal experience in the case of addiction. Many were struggling with addictions years ago as well. This shared experience with you allows us to really open up with you and figure out what is going on inside.


We are an open and affirming place of treatment. We accept everyone no matter his or her sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, age or ability. We are accommodating and strive always to make your stay amazing.

Latest News

man examining his back at dotor's office.

Non Opioid Alternatives: What To Use Instead Of Opioids Painkillers?

Louis Harvey | March 23, 2020

Are you considering changing your opioid medications to some other over the counter pain meds? Opioid medications are often recommended for severe acute pains, especially for cancer patients and those who experience post-surgery pains. Opioid prescriptions are approved for millions…..

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hydrocodone and pregnancy

Using Opioids While Pregnant: How Dangerous is It? 

Louis Harvey | October 30, 2019

Many people do not know that prescription opioids are just as dangerous and the ones you get on the street. Opioids at any point in your pregnancy are hazardous. It can cause serious health problems for you and the baby……

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Are You Addicted To The Monkey Mind

Louis Harvey | April 16, 2019

People who have never experienced addiction and those that have often have the same question in mind: why do some of us even end up lost in the cycle of addiction to begin with? There are a lot of different factors…..

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Understand the value of quality treatment

Louis Harvey | March 15, 2019

When you are receiving treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is usually a very stressful time. You want to make sure you have the highest quality of treatment available. The more comfortable you are in the environment, the…..

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Is There Any Specific Age Rate For Overdose?

Louis Harvey | March 10, 2019

As the years go by, overdoses from drugs and alcohol are becoming more and more common. In the last few years alone we have seen record numbers of deaths in teens due to drugs or suicide. These are scary times…..

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Find The Right Dosage For Painkillers

Louis Harvey | February 4, 2019

Many doctors and clients alike say that it is hard to find the proper dosage for many common painkillers. While there may be one perfect dose for one client, it could be a highly addictive dose for another client. And…..

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Crack cocaine Addiction is more adverse than you may think

Louis Harvey | January 31, 2019

There are a lot of clients that come to our treatment centers because they need help to overcome their problems with cocaine. There is both cocaine and Crack cocaine, with Crack being talked about and used a lot these days……

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We are Chino Hills Addiction Center

Louis Harvey | February 22, 2018

We were found in 1990 and have been serving you proudly ever since.

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