Music is a creative type of art that has existed for thousands of years due to its numerous benefits. Unfortunately, some parents or guardians do not recognize the importance of this type of art in the growth and development of their children. Music is popularly referred to as the food for the soul but there is so much more that you need to know about this special art.

Music gives children the right platform to express themselves and explore their creativity. When a child sings a particular song, it becomes easier to understand what goes through his or her mind, rather than stating it verbally. Music can be inspired by the current or future events and expressed in form of systematic rhythms to pass a particular message to the listener.

Some children do not always have the confidence to face the audience and express themselves but thanks to music, it is possible to team up with other students to pass a particular message. School choirs and other music groups make it easier for kids to know the importance of teamwork to achieve a certain goal. They make them learn how to execute their roles effectively, accept their mistakes and correct them accordingly. Such values can be transferred to their daily lives as they grow up, thus becoming better people in society.

Music is one of the most lucrative careers in the modern generation and this explains why there are so many schools that specialize in nurturing this type of talent. Some children may not be brilliant in other subjects but they have the voice and ideas to change the world through music. This type of talent, if nurtured properly, can be a great source of income for such kids. The best thing about this creative art is that you do not need to write a professional CV about your talent. All you have to do is to express yourself musically and your audience will judge you by your performance.

It is good to encourage your kids to take part in music lessons for the sake of easing pressure on their minds as they grow up and developing their talent. You will discover that your child has a different approach to life and grows maturely. All these benefits can only be realized if you give them the chance to prove themselves in the world of creative arts.

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Welcome to the Chime Cottage Music news update!

Sales of my latest CD, ‘Neostatic’, are definitely on the up and up. If you’d like to buy a copy, remember that I offer free worldwide postage on all CDs bought directly from my site.

I’m gradually putting together a new collection of ambient/electronic tracks – entitled, ‘Tales From the Red Forest’ – that I intend to have ready later this year. Hopefully, I’ll be adding a Korg M50 synth plus a couple of new guitars to my growing collection of instruments (including an Italia Rimini 12 string electric guitar), all of which will contribute to the musical diversity of this CD and future albums.

Finally, our weekly ‘mini Rock/Pop Quiz’ is up and running again. There’s a link on my home page, so why not have a go and enter? You could win a copy of my latest CD!

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